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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Background to the images

The drawing series Power and Representation began as a puzzle that I wanted to solve for my own curiosity. I'm not usually drawn to make art that delves directly into politics, nor am I partial to make art that is based on a reaction to a person or an event, however as with everything about this phenomenon that I will refer to as the 45th President of the United States, things nothing followed any perceivable logic. 

I approached the problem of making a drawing that leaned more towards an artwork than a political commentary cartoon. I was inspired by Philip Guston's drawing series responding to Richard Nixon and John Heartfield's photomontages responding to German fascism in the early 20th century. To begin, I set myself guidelines to work within that suited the subject and my practice. Firstly, I disarmed the subject, removing all protective wardrobe of class and authority. Secondly, I placed them in a space suitable for a subject incapable of self-reflection, which I deduced to be a black, empty universe with himself at its epicentre. This series helped empower me to get up and do something to challenge the numbing effect of constant shocking exposure that epitomized living through the year 2017. By making artworks about the subject I was able to humanize the larger-than-life persona that surrounded him.


Meet The Team

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